I invite you to experience one of my services or a blend of my different approaches. 

Too often, we find ourselves trapped in our own negative feelings, these feelings can lead to frustration, anger, fear, envy, sadness, depression etc. Then we are surrounded by negative energy that attracts negative people, negative events and we feel powerless...


All this can change. Negative feelings can be transformed. Happiness becomes a possibility.  



I recently had the opportunity of receiving an Akashic Records Reading from Johanne Mercier. I found it very fascinating.
Most of the reading resonated with me and it truly expressed how I feel in my everyday life and in life generally.  It brought me clarity and understanding.
I read the text again and again to soak it in and I searched for the slightest detail that would have escaped me.


It is said that the Universe puts Angels on our road to help us to move forward and to progress and let me tell you that Johanne is one of them. We do not see her wings because they are invisible. 


Thank you, Johanne,  from the bottom of my heart.


February 2018 - Éliane Lapointe




I've had the immense pleasure of healing with Johanne over several years. Everyone would be very well served to spend some time with Johanne and her healing touch. You do and you, too, will be raving as I am now.


August 25, 2016  - Lynne J.





A wonderful experience, a healing session that left me refreshed and renewed!!! I will definitely go back, thank you! 


August 14, 2016 - Josianne S.



It has been a pleasure working with you several times.  With each session your kindness, compassion and skills in listening are evident.  You have shed light on things that were coming up in my life which I wasn’t aware of and helped me transform them.  You are professional and joyful and I  always come away from our sessions appreciating that we connected.   I thank you for all the help you have provided me in my life’s path.


Connie P.

Johanne is a beautiful soul. I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to reconnect with their true self. This work (PSYCH-K) is amazing. Karen Woodley