I hope that you are doing well during this unprecedented time. Please contact me at johanne@wellbeingenergy.com for more information. Thank you.

Be safe and take care on each other!

Love and Light!


Welcome to my site. I am Johanne. 


I am an Intuitive and an Energy Worker. It is for me an honour and a great pleasure to assist you in your goal to transform perception of stress regarding an event, condition or situation so you can improve your life and regain your power. When we work together, I am your assistant, your facilitator. You tell me what you want to accomplish and with the best of my knowledge I will assit you. 


It is possible to balance (here 'balance' means that the trigger is turned off, that you do not feel the charge when you think of a situation that used to affect you). It is possible to peel off layers of fear and doubts and to get answers, clarity and knowledge about yourself at a Soul level with effective methods like Energy Field Balance, Reiki, PSYCH-K® balances, Past Life Regressions,  Life Between Lives Regression sessions, and Akashic Records Readings. 

I have learned many techniques, attended many workshops and courses. The processes I am now offering are the ones that have helped me the most in my own life.


I invite you to be curious, to explore and to go deeper inside yourself so that you discover more of your own potential and your inner beauty.  

Love and Light

Johanne, www.wellbeingenergy.com